Nov 25, 2003
another boring monday

ok so we're getting closer to the end of the semester and my grades so far are good. they're all b's with the exception of my philosophy class in which i have a c but thats ok. i cant wait for thanksgiving, mmmmmmm...........fooooood!!! lol yea well anyway. i gotta do some x-mas shopping soon so maybe i'll do that this wknd. well im out for now.

Posted at 02:23 am by lizblizz21
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Nov 13, 2003

yea so i hate mcc! whats new? im pretty po'd about my stupid philosophy test in which i got a D-. everyother test i get a's or b's and this one i get a freakin d-. theres not much you can do about that. i was gonna go to Twisted 10 with sarah  but we come to find out that there are only tickets left for the upper deck gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well im out !!!!!!!11

Posted at 02:48 am by lizblizz21
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